Monday, September 5, 2011

Dad's Poems

On my visit home for my birthday weekend, my Mom showed me a couple of poems she found that my wonderful grandfather, whom I call Dad, wrote in his younger days. Dad's education mostly came from life, not schooling. He only completed the 8th grade and then later received his GED when he was in his sixties. I'm so very proud of my grandfather. I love him dearly. I thought I'd include his poems here to preserve and to share.

O Winter Wind

by Gene Bond

Oh winter wind, where blowest thou?

Wherefore this wild mad gale?

Singing a mournful song in the night

Telling a mournful tale.

Of death, of cold and darkness,

Oh yours is a tale of woe.

As you spread your cold and chilling breath

From the land of the great white snow.

The trees shiver to their bottommost roots -

Their leaves wither and die,

Even the stars in the Heavens,

Grow cold as you pass by.

Oh winter wind blow on and on,

Until your strength is done,

And you'll forget these fearful things

When you meet the warming sun.


by Gene Bond

I live in a house by a river,

That is called the River of Life.

And flotsam and jetsam pass me by,

And driftwood of trouble and strife.

There are rocks of temptation to trap you,

And rapids where you may be lost,

But someday I'll gather my burdens

And this river I must cross.

For Someone has promised whosoever----

Will weather these dangers and strife,

They'll live with Him forever,

On the side of Eternal Life.

Thank you, Dad, for your understanding words that continue to inspire faith and hope even as you are on the other side of the river. I love you Dad.


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