Monday, January 9, 2012

Why We Didn't Send a Christmas Card this Year

Well, this week the last Christmas decoration was put away and the whirlwind that began a little over a month ago is passed. We had a wonderful Christmas and it was so fun to have Hannah home for 2 weeks! We crammed so much fun in those 2 weeks, the Christmas card we made was never sent out. At one point I thought I could just send it out the week after Christmas and write on the back, "Hope Your Christmas Lasts All Year," but then more time passed and it seemed even too late for that. Below is what kept us so busy!

Hannah read us "Green Eggs & Ham," by Dr. Seuss, while we ate green eggs and ham!

We delivered Christmas gifts

We visited the children's museum

We hosted our first annual Christmas Eve Open House

We made Santa's cookies

We danced with the Wii

We had fun at the zoo

We went Ice Skating

We strolled through the Dickinson Festival of Lights

We saw "The Adventures of Tin Tin." Great movie!

And of course we topped it all off with Ice cream!

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  1. Amy, you're such a super mom, and obviously you're having a great time! Everything looks like so much fun, except the green eggs grossed me out a bit. HA HA! Love you, Diane V.