Wednesday, March 9, 2011

False Alarm!

Luke had a hands on learning experience about fire alarms yesterday! When you pull the alarm, it makes a piercing sound that hurts your ears. The firefighters then come to see if there is indeed a fire. If there is no fire, they turn the alarm off. You then get lectured about when it is okay to touch a fire alarm and when it is not. After that, you cannot leave your Mommy's side for a very long time!

Yesterday at Hannah's ballet class, the fire alarm went off. Of course, the first thing I did was cover Aaron's ears because it was so loud. Then I started wondering if there was really a fire, but then another Mommy saw that the fire alarm near us had been pulled. We knew it was either her son or Luke who probably pulled it, but her son was laying under a bench. We all scurried out, the little ballerinas took their class outside, and we waited for the fire department to arrive to turn off the alarm. After the alarm was turned off, the worker at the front desk came to question which boy pulled the alarm so I told her nobody saw, but it was probably Luke. She then started questioning him about his name and age for the report! She was definitely not happy! The firefighters, however, were very kind and laughed about the whole thing.

When we went back in, I looked at the fire alarm. It hangs very low on the wall and is not covered by a glass box or anything. I think that maybe Luke used it to try to climb up on the bench, but I don't know. Whoever placed that fire alarm in that location, must have never had small children!

After talking to my Mom and searching the internet, I found that pulling a fire alarm in a Texas school is a felony offense! I'm glad he's only 3 and that this happened now and not later. Hopefully he learned his lesson! Luke, you're such a handful!


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