Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Never Ending Grocery Shopping

Right now I'm in the middle of grocery shopping. No, I'm not walking the aisles of the grocery store, but I'm in the middle of trips. We go to at least 3 different stores and sometimes to farmers markets to find what we need. I wish we could have one-stop grocery shopping, but instead we are perpetual grocery shoppers. What are we looking for? Our 4 priorities are cost, bulk, organic, and convenience.

Costco.comWe go to Costco for bulk. Sunday we took a family road trip to Costco. Since it is 45 minutes away, it really is like a road trip. Hannah likes Costco for the samples. I like Costco because I like to have a lot of paper towels and toilet paper in my house at all times! In addition to my paper goods, I like to get canned black beans, canned diced tomatoes, pasta, cereal, eggs, pesto, mozzarella cheese, hummus, avocados, grape tomatoes, edamame, and fresh or frozen organic fruit at Costco.

Whole Foods MarketOn the way home from MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) on Wednesday, I took the boys to Whole Foods. I LOVE Whole Foods. If it wasn't so far away from our house and so expensive, I'd do all of my grocery shopping there. We go to Whole Foods for organic, minimally processed, and hormone-free foods. Even though it is more expensive,I think that keeping added hormones and pesticides out of my kids bodies is worth it. Even though we could do more, we consider dairy, meats and many fruits and veggies as organic essentials. We use this guide from M. D. Anderson to help us decide when to buy organic. We can buy most of the organic dairy and organic grass-fed beef at our local HEB, but we go to Whole Foods for many of the fruits and veggies. Wednesday we bought pears, sweet potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, chicken, milk and provolone (all organic). Also, I love the cilantro and lime marinated chicken at Whole Foods. It's one of our favorites!

HEB logoOur next grocery shopping outing will be to HEB. It is super close to our house, so we actually make lots of runs there. We will probably get more milk, more eggs, more cheese, more fruit, and our favorite treat - Blue Bell!

Please share any ideas or advise on how to make grocery shopping more concise!

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  1. Sounds a lot like our shopping adventures! We do basically the same thing; however, we shop at Target versus HEB.