Sunday, April 3, 2011

PJ Party!

Last weekend Hannah had a pajama party (an almost slumber party) for her 7th birthday. As other moms said when they dropped their kids off, I was "ambitious" with this one. I had several activities planned for the girls - decorating pillowcases, fingernail painting, making homemade bubble bath, face glitter, and a movie to watch while snuggling in their sleeping bags. The party was from 4pm-8pm. You might imagine my surprise and horror (that may be too strong of a word) when all 11 girls had finished all the activities, except for the movie, by 4:30! What was I to do with the girls for the next 3 1/2 hours? We went ahead and opened presents. Thankfully, one of the girls gave Hannah the game Twister. My heart leaped with joy - another activity!

Of course, the most fun the girls had was running around the house screaming and giggling. I said over and over all the things any responsible parent would say - "settle down," "don't jump on the bed," "keep all the doors open," and "no running," but there were times when I wanted to just keep my mouth shut and let the girls just revel in all their girlish excitement!

During the party they also rehearsed their singing and dancing for their upcoming Bugz Play at school. They were so cute, but it was scary - they didn't look like 7-year-olds at all, but more like middle school cheerleaders practicing their cheers.

Even though Hannah is growing up so fast, she is just as sweet as ever. As she wrote in one of the books she made at school, she loves to take care of her family. She spreads her love to all of us by writing us sweet notes, drawing us pictures, entertaining her brothers, and giving the best hugs and kisses. How we love our Hannah!


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