Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hannah's Fantastic First Grade!

Well, we're halfway through the summer and things have finally settled down so that I can write about Hannah's wonderful 1st grade year. Thankfully, she loved her new school and her teacher, Mrs. James. In fact, during a game we were playing, she was asked: "If you could invite anyone in the world to your house for dinner, who would it be?" Her answer - "Mrs. James."

She learned so much in reading, writing, math and social studies, but her favorite time of school was when she went to the library. She even dressed up as a librarian on "Dress like a professional" day!

Not only did she grow in knowledge this year, she grew in character. For the school play, she really wanted to be a ladybug. For weeks she told me repeatedly, "I hope I get to be a ladybug!" How I hoped she would get what she wanted, because I knew she would be so disappointed if she didn't. Although she was disappointed when she found out she wasn't going to be a ladybug, she happily sang me her honey bee song when she got home from school. During the play, my little honey bee sang sweetly with a big smile on her face.
At one point, one of her antennae fell off. Even though she saw it right away, she didn't miss a beat - she just kept on dancing and singing and picked up her antenna at the end. She really is learning how to roll with the punches! This character growth must have been noticed by the teachers, because toward the end of the year she won 1st grade student of the month!

The end of first grade was jam-packed. She had a field trip to the children's museum, her first Field Day, and her first Awards Day. At Awards Day, she received the Excellence in Reading, Excellence in Math, Excellence in Spelling, Excellence in Writing, Citizenship, and Texas Readers Club awards. She also received the "Sweetart Award" for being a sweet child. How appropriate!

My favorite hugs to remember from 1st grade are the walks that Hannah, Luke, Aaron, and I took to and from school each day. I treasure the talks that we had, the loving "Goodbye Hannah" that Luke yelled each morning in front of her school after he gave her a big hug and kiss on the cheek, and the hello and good-bye hugs and kisses she gave the boys and I each morning and afternoon.

Goodbye 1st grade! Thanks for the hugs!


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