Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Best Tryers!

The end of summer is here and we had a wonderful, relaxing summer. A big part of our summer was spent swimming. Hannah had a wonderful swim season this past summer. Her favorite stroke is the backstroke and that's also the one that she swims the fastest. In one of her 6 swim meets she even won a blue ribbon in backstroke. She didn't always get the ribbon she wanted. However, one time she received the ribbon she wanted, and  it was not the one she deserved. At first she was very excited, but then she realized it was wrong and went to report it to the scorekeepers. I was so very proud of her for making that choice on her own.  The season ended with a great swim party where she received a medal for Most-Improved 7/8 year old girl!

This was Luke's first year to take swim lessons with the swim team. He was a Mini-Ray. Luke is cautious in the water, which is a good thing. By the end of the summer, he was able to swim several feet out to his coach or to me in the water. He even participated in the Mini-Ray swim meet where he won a blue ribbon and a green ribbon!

We are so proud of our swimmers! In the words of Jim Anderson in Father Knows Best, Luke and Hannah were our "best tryer[s]!"


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