Thursday, January 20, 2011

10 Day Forecast: Tornadoes

Every day, without checking the weather, I can know for sure that we will have a tornado in the house that day! It is unbelievable! Even when Ramiro and I work together very hard to get the house in ship shape condition, in less than 5 minutes, 2 little tornadoes run through and we have a mess on our hands again.

Having a clean, picked up house can feel so relaxing, but having a home in which toys are played with enthusiastically, new ideas are played out, discoveries are made, and life is enjoyed can be so much fun!

It's so fun to watch how these tornadoes work, too. Hannah plays with toys, especially educational ones, exactly in the way they were intended to be played with. She favors reading, arts, and crafts. We always receive the most creative and thoughtful gifts and notes from her that show us how much she loves us. Luke is very imaginative in his play, creating his own worlds, with his own characters and stories. I always wanted to be able to play like that! And little Aaron? We look so forward to seeing what kind of tornado he will be!

Now please don't think that we are allowing these tornadoes to take over the house (even though it feels like it sometimes)! We are working on them putting things up after they use them, cleaning their rooms, and taking initiative to clean even if they weren't the ones to make the mess. But these are hard lessons, and ones I'm still learning myself! That's right - I'm a tornado, too!


  1. Cute! I'm not a tornado, am I? :)

  2. You can be, but you're probably the least severe!