Sunday, January 16, 2011

High Tech? Not Really.

A few days before Christmas, Ramiro gave me a smart phone. And you know what, it IS smart! It might even make me feel smarter! I had big reservations about this phone, but I LOVE IT!

Then after Christmas I began my blog! A good friend of mine e-mailed me saying, "Wow! A smart phone and blog in the same time frame! You really are high-tech!" That gave me a laugh!

This weekend I asked Ramiro to help me improve the looks of my blog - and of course, I chose a kind of old-fashioned look - quilts! I love quilts - they remind me of my grandmother (Gommy) and snuggling and love. I wanted to spiff up the blog even more, adding a beautiful header and fancy bells and whistles. Ramiro was VERY supportive, trying to help me do everything I wanted to do, but to no avail. Neither of us could figure it out. Turns out, even my husband who has become a master at litigation technology, internet tv, facebook, and YouTube, isn't as high-tech as I thought. So, as far as blogs go, we're staying old-fashioned! And maybe we can keep the rest of our lives a little old-fashioned, too!


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