Friday, January 28, 2011

Good Night Baby, Good Night Mommy!

Last night was the first good night Aaron and I have had in almost 2 weeks! He's had a lot of changes in these past 2 weeks. First, the doctor said we should go ahead and start feeding him solids. Although he has put away his rice cereal, applesauce, and sweet potatoes like I put away a good, thick chocolate shake (as though it may be taken away from me forever if I don't eat it as fast as possible), his tummy has not adjusted as well as his taste buds. So, he's had a little tummy trouble. Then, it seems, that overnight he grew too big for his cradle that he's slept in next to our bed since the night he came home from the hospital, so we moved him into his baby bed in his big brother's room. Not only did he outgrow the cradle, he also outgrew his receiving blankets that we've swaddled him in since day one. No wonder he hasn't been able to get a good night's sleep! But last night, that all changed thanks to a miracle product called "Swaddle Me" that comes in a large size and promises to fit babies up to 9 months! :) We put him in the swaddling clothes (which he resisted at first) and voilĂ ! He slept through the night and so did I! Now that the baby is sleeping in his own room, we can get back to working on Hannah and Luke sleeping a whole night in their own rooms. Too bad they don't make swaddling clothes for ages 3 to 6!

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  1. Maybe Traci can make you some on her sewing machine! LOL