Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Luke, my 3 year old, is starting all his new conversations lately with the word, "Remember." Today, I not only found it adorable, but also inspiring. I want to remember. I want to remember how sweet and precious he is today. I want to remember how after he puts a batman cape on his teddy bear he gives it to my 4 month old, Aaron, to hug. I want to remember how my 6 year old daughter, Hannah, looked today as she kicked her way to school on her new scooter she got for Christmas with a HUGE smile on her face! Each memory is like a hug to this Mommy's heart. These 3 blessings from God give me so many sweet hugs to remember I decided to write them down so we will all remember. Luke, thanks for telling me to "remember."


  1. This made me teary. Thanks for posting!

  2. So sweet, it almost made me cry.