Monday, January 10, 2011

I Got the Blues, Baby

When Hannah was a baby just learning to talk, her first name for me was "Mimi." Of course I thought it was really cute and thought that it wasn't such a bad name to live with if she chose to call me "Mimi" instead of "Mommy." But then, she didn't stick with "Mimi." She moved on to calling me by my first name, "Amy!" Although I still thought it cute, I didn't really want to be the kind of mother whose daughter calls her by her first name. I began singing a bluesy, yet silly, tune:

I got the blues, baby,
Cause my baby won't call me Mommy,
Oh no she won't
She won't call me Mommy

Eventually she did start calling me "Mommy;" however, I don't know if I can give credit to my singing, although it did make her laugh!

Then Luke came along. He began calling me "MommyGirl," but the name evolved into "MyGirl." I loved that I was his girl, but I also really enjoy singing silly songs to make my kids laugh, so again I had the opportunity to sing my bluesy song.

Now, I'm singing again. Luke has decided he wants to shorten my name to "Mom." I knew this day was coming, but had no idea so soon. That's okay, at least I have a song to cheer me up! (And I'll still hear Mommy from his sweet voice when he needs me to rescue him from a crisis and when he calls me in the middle of the night!)


  1. I remember Hannah calling you Amy, but I never knew Luke called you Mommygirl or Mygirl - that's cute.

  2. You sing it so very 'bluesy' too! Kinda like a cross between Norah Jones and Bonnie Raitt.